James Eldridge, or The Ranger, is a human descendant of Ben Eldridge and his late wife Clem. After a brief incident outside Vault 7 about Clem being allowed entry resulted in Ben killing a guard, Clem entered in his place and Ben walked off into the desert. Clem, being a nurse, soon after she entered came to realised that no one else in the Vault had medical experience. She also discovered she was pregnant with Ben's child not long after. This child was born in the Vault and later grew up and had a family over many generations until ultimately James was born and the Vault opens. He is skilled at both hand-to-hand combat and marksmanship.

Early Life Edit

Little is known about James' early life only that he once tracked with a man named Bill and that he gained a set of NCR Ranger Armour from one of the three men he fought to gain information about Ben.

Events of Red Star Edit

After being attacked by raiders James went looking for Bill and found his widow, Lilly, alone. She hired him to find their missing daughter, Rebecca, who had been kidnapped by raiders, after Bill was subsequently murdered by raiders. Bill's widow gave him the special Red Star Nuka-Cola bottle cap. After talking to the Securitron named Barker, whom after being shown the Red Star Nuka-Cola bottle cap, revealed that after her abduction, Becca had been bought and sold by a former Legatus named Leon, and passed on to another owner, a Super-Mutant by the name of Bison. Rebecca traded exchanged this for her freedom to Bison and returned home, with The Ranger.

Events of Fallout: Nuka Break and Finding Ben Edit

Sometime after rescuing Rebecca, James went looking for Ben to tell him of his family.