Six Eyes was one of Touch Conners personal guards in the Nuka Break series. Along with Razz, he does not die when Leon bombs Eastwood. They travel to the Lockre and stay there with Ron, joining his army. Six Eyes is killed when he is out on patrol with Penelope, Ron, Twig, and Razz, and is shot in the head by one of Leon's goons.


Six Eyes never talked much, and liked to keep to himself. He really only ever spoke to Razz and Ron, or Touch Connors. He isn't seen much either, compared to Razz.


Six Eyes wears a field jacket and gets his name because of his eyes, a pair of sunglasses he wears, and a pair of goggles around his neck. He preferred to use a rifle and also wore a face mask.


- Six Eyes was one of Touch Connors guards, the other being Razz. - Six Eyes was shot and killed by one of Leon's goons in Season 2, Episode 4.